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Sunday Morning Reading

Elin Kling din Suedia este bloggerita mea preferata. Minimalism, nimic complicat, extrem de versatil, piese "strategice"alese/cumparate cu mare atentie. Se gandeste si se documenteaza inainte de a purcede la cumparaturi. De aceea e mereu impecabil imbracata si ai impresia ca nu face niciun efort:)

Mai multe detalii AICI

Please describe your personal style in two sentences or less. 
I guess I would say wearable, androgynous, and strategic. I love simple outfits that have that one piece that just makes it, like a patterned leather bag or really cool heels with a lot of attitude.

How does the city you live in inspire your day-to-day style?
Since I'm based in NYC I am very spoiled with inspiration, which includes everything from art to the buildings to the typical New York girl-she always pulls of this very nonchalant look that has so much confidence.

List some of your favorite current trends and why you appreciate them/how you are wearing them.
Right now I'm very into animal prints; my shoes, my scarf, and my jeans are all animal print. Otherwise, I don't focus that much on trends because I think that it's more about style.

Who are some of your style icons and why?
I get this question very often, but I don't have any specific style icon. I do love French women, though. No one can wear a blazer like a French woman. But if you want me to mention one it would definitely be Emmanuelle Alt. I love how her simple style makes the street style photographers go wild. I think it's trickier to make a simple look rock than an intricate one, because it's so much about making the right pieces work.

Name one go-to piece in your closet and why.
Easy: my Celine bag. You can never go wrong with a pair of nice jeans, a t-shirt and heels, and to add that luxury on my shoulder just makes my day-it's truly so worth it.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?
Of course I'm a big fan of New York, but I actually also do love to shop when I get to Stockholm. Swedish design is really good, and some of my favorite brands include WhyredAcne, Nowhere, Nhu Doung, andAltewai Saome. Check them out and you will totally understand why!

What are some of your fashion sites/blogs?
I wish I could have time to read more fashion blogs. Every day I check out my friend's posts atNOWMANIFEST. I also love Jak & JilStyle.comVogue.com, and The Cut!

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Miruna spunea...

Frmoase tinute, lejere dar si cu stil..pacat ca nu s'ar vedea la fel de bine pe un corpde 65 de kg.. :(

Just_Me spunea...

Nice :D

PS: Ai un tag la mine pe blog. :* (cel cu top 5 produse sub 20 de lei)As fi curioasa sa vad daca ai produse care iti plac si costa sub 20 de lei.