sâmbătă, aprilie 9

DR Murad says...

"The evolution of my inclusive skin care program mirrors the cutting edge of several important advances in skin physiology, nutrition, and psychology.
Am example is the fairly recent awarness that stress directly affects skin. Throughout my years of medical practice, I've seen the impact of stress and the havoc of hormones released as a result can create. And I've seen how some people's skin improves when they add some form of emotional self-care to the treatments I prescribe.
Researchers at the University of Dresden in Germany made an important disovery that may help explain what other dermatologists and I have observed. The German scientists found that a particular stress hormone fits like a key into the lock of receptor in the skin and causes damaging inflammation, the kind that leads to wrinkle and hair loss. Another piece of the puzzle, linking stress and skin function, has been found"
              from Wrinkle Free Forever-The 5-Minute 5-Week Dermatologist's Program

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da, eram convinsa ca stresul are efecte pana si la nivelul tenului...am simtit-o pe pielea mea..